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Waves, Smiles and Daffodils

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Remember back in kindergarten when we were told to share with our friends? Maybe we were asked to share a graham cracker, or perhaps the rug space during story time. I want to ask you; how often do you share? Whether belongings or talents, are you sharing the gifts that God has given you?

I was born in South Dakota, and many of my relatives still live in small towns and farming communities in the state. When we go back to visit, inevitably you pass someone on the road, and they wave at you. And invariably you wave back at them. Sharing a smile, sharing a wave; you never really know what that greeting, what that smile means to someone else. It could be one of the nicest things that happened to them that day.

Here's another example of the benefit of sharing. A man who lives in another part of my city posted on a neighborhood site that he has hundreds and hundreds of daffodils blooming in his yard. Pete and I drove by the other evening. Sure enough, the front and side yards at this home were filled with blooming daffodils. I thanked this gentleman for sharing his gift of blossoms so the rest of us could experience it. It could be one of the nicest things that happened to someone who drove by that day.

What if we have gifts that we choose not to share with the world? Are we being selfish? Are we worried that we won’t get something in return? Even if you don’t know what the effect is, someone will benefit from you sharing your gifts. You don’t know who needs your gift, so be on the lookout for those opportunities. When it happens, let me know.

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